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Our HTC Vive VR Experience

Vive is a first-of-its kind virtual reality system developed in partnership by HTC and Valve. Designed from the ground up for room-scale VR, Vive allows true-to-life interactions and immersive experiences thanks to stunning graphics, HD haptic feedback and 360 degree motion tracking.

We are one of the largest VR arcades in the Mid-West with twelve HTC Vive bays each with hand controllers, headphones, and an 8' x 8' play area.

Come to Fireshark Gaming now and experience the HTC Vive for only $10 per 15 min.

Or, schedule a time for our VR Popup to come to you.

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Our HTC Vive VR Games

HTC Vive Teen Jan 05
Island 359
HTC Vive All Dec 15
Lightblade VR
HTC Vive All Dec 01
Google Earth VR
HTC Vive Teen Dec 01
Raw Data
HTC Vive All Nov 17
Minecraft Vive VR
HTC Vive All Nov 17
Zombie Training Simulator
HTC Vive All Nov 17
HTC Vive Mature Nov 17
HTC Vive All Nov 11
Rec Room
HTC Vive All Nov 11
Budget Cuts
HTC Vive All Nov 09
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
HTC Vive Teen Nov 03
Hover Junkers
HTC Vive Teen Oct 05
The Lab
HTC Vive All Oct 05
HTC Vive All Oct 05
Job Simulator
HTC Vive All Oct 05
HTC Vive All Oct 05
Fantastic Contraption

New games added every week

“My experience at Fireshark Gaming was amazing... the price is great,
the game is fun... the staff was friendly, and I had a great time.”

– Ritchie Rosa

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