VR House of Horrors @ Fireshark

What is it?

Fireshark's Virtual House of Horrors is a first of its kind virtual reality haunted house experience right here in Wichita.

Jump into the scariest virtual worlds using the latest VR technology from HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

How does it work?

Staff fits you with a VR headset and starts the appropriate VR game(s). You experience the scariest horror content with the best VR technology.

Can you handle it?

When and where?

The Virtual House of Horrors will be available at Fireshark Gaming every Thu, Fri, and Sat in October

Who is it for?

The content is extremely scary and is geared for mature audiences. Playing in a VR game feels like you are inside the game. Some of our episodes are highly interactive (your control what happens) while other experiences are more like watching a movie.